...an unusual distance for an unusual organization


Our 3rd Annual RUN FOR YOUR LUNCH 5.5k was another successful event for All Are Welcome - we hope YOU enjoyed it too!!

We served over 15 gallons of Clam and Corn Chowder to more than 125 runners, sponsors, vendors and volunteers!

Many thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors! Our T-shirt friends took up two columns this year! We'd like to recognize AMP Radio 103.3 for being part of our day with music and station give-aways! It's always more fun with music!

We'll be sending out the awards for all the age group categories (sadly, no local town leaders were available for our special challenge category this year...) but the official results can be found at RaceWire but as always we'd want to recognize our top three overall finishers for 2014!!

  1. CHRIS DACEY 20:18
  2. BRIAN BOURQUE - 20:48
  1. MARIA SERVIN - 21:28
  2. KAREN MCGUIRE - 22:24
  3. PAULA LUCHINI - 25:56

Our volunteers - some who come for the race each year, some who are working with AAW all year long - are the foundation for us to keep doing what we're doing! Instead of listing them by name - so we don't miss anyone by mistake - a big, public THANK YOU to everyone who served lunch, worked in the cold, directed traffic, took pictures, stuffed bags, folded t-shirts and all the many, many things needed to make our one big day a BIGGER success! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Through your generous gifts and support we are looking forward to making 2014 a growth year for All Are Welcome...more meals - expanded menu - greater opportunity - we don't know where this year will lead us, but we'll keep building our community, one meal at a time!

We're looking forward to continuing our ability to reach those in need and your continued support. Keep an eye on ALL ARE WELCOME for more good things to come and don't forget to save the date for the 2015 RUN FOR YOUR LUNCH 5.5k- January 18, 2015!!

Race Sponsors: