Building community one meal at a time

Questions and Answers

How does this work? Our weekly menus (regulars and specials) are posted on a white board, with no prices. Guests are invited to sit anywhere in our community dining area, and we provide full table service. At the end of their meal, guests are presented with a guest check, again with no prices. All guests are invited to donate as they are able: what they would pay in a traditional restaurant (or more), a portion of a traditional restaurant price, or nothing at all. For those who are unable to offer a cash donation, but would like to offer something, we can organize volunteer opportunities - either at the restaurant or with other groups in the community.

What kind of items are on your menu? Our lunch and breakfast menus feature diner-style fare: sandwiches, soups, fresh salads, local eggs, when possible, pancakes, french toast. Also, each week we feature a few specials: in the summer, more fruits and salads and in the fall, heartier soups and sandwiches. Most of our menu is made from scratch, including our salad dressings, soups and desserts! How can I help?Come and share a meal with us! Our greatest support comes from those who visit, share our message and donate for their meal! If you can't make it for a meal, you can donate online, fill an item on our wish list and volunteers are always invited!

Are there any requirements for volunteering? We ask "regular" volunteers to attend a brief orientation so they can be more aware of our mission and guidelines. The town Board of Health requires all of our food handling volunteers to attend a Food Safety class and we do ask all of our volunteers to give their best. You can read our manual here; which will give you an overview of our mission and expectations (but it's not the same as coming in person and seeing the whole slide show!).

How old do you have to be to volunteer? Due to the potential hazards of working in a restaurant, it is our policy not to allow volunteers younger than the legal working age (14 years old in MA).

How do I volunteer? ASK! Talk to any member of our team and they'll connect you to our executive manager! We'll talk about schedule, interests and time! Right now, we're building a core team - but one time volunteers are always invited to fill in the gaps! What kind of things would I do as a volunteer? Take orders for our dining guests, serve meals, set up our dining room, prepare foods in advance OR you can volunteer in the wider community!

Do you have to receive food stamps or assistance for a "free meal"? NO! There are lots of people who don't qualify for financial assistance who don't have enough in their budget for proper meals and nutrition! Those are the folks we really want to see at All Are Welcome! Community dining is as important to your mood as well as your body!

What happens if someone has money to donate, but eats free anyway? Nothing! Because we don't request any financial information and our meals are available to all, we trust everyone to do what's right!

Do I have to live in Middleboro to eat at All Are Welcome? NO! Because we are a full service restaurant, open to the public, everyone is invited!