Building community one meal at a time

Our Mission:

ALL ARE WELCOME Community Kitchen and Bakery, Inc. is dedicated to providing access to nutritious meals to ALL By encouraging those who are able to assist in the support of others, All Are Welcome seeks to end food insecurity in our wider community. Future programs developed in conjunction with All Are Welcome will be to further aid, educate or sustain those with hunger related concerns. All people will be able to receive free meals regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, veteran status, or disability.

In addition to helping alleviate the hunger issues for those in chronic need, we are focused on assisting families and youth who fall in-between income guidelines for traditional public assistance, those who receive assistance through the public school system who face additional financial burden during school recesses, and those who face additional stress due to economic trends, such as rising cost of gasoline, fresh produce and dairy.

How It Works

Our weekly community meals are planned with something for everyone. You'll always find our regular items with "Chef's Choice" specials, seasonal features and more. We invite everyone to be a guest at our table. Many items are made from scratch and we always strive to use the finest, most nutritious ingredients available with a focus on lower fat, lower sugar and lower sodium choices.

Our menu has no posted prices. Every guest is invited to donate what they feel they are able. For some, that could be the amount you would pay for the same meal in a traditional restaurant (our menu would compare to a $7-$10 diner meal), or more; others can offer a portion of that, maybe only $2 or $3; and those with nothing at all.

For those who feel they have nothing to give, we are always willing to find a place for you to use your time or talent to benefit our mission. Dining room servers, food preparation, clean-up and set-up crew, dishwashers and special event volunteers are always needed; you can volunteer once a week, once a month or once a year! For those who aren't able to work in a restaurant environment, there are many opportunities around the community who can use an extra set of hands.

At the end of a meal, each guest (or group) is presented with an order slip and an explination of the donation concept; every guest can then fill out volunteer information, donation amount or both. Because our goal is for every guest to feel equal and welcome, regardless of circumstances, our staff doesn't take the check from you. Instead, you are asked to complete the bottom portion of the check and leave it in our donation box as you leave our dining room. Because everyone is asked to fill out some portion, and every guest is asked to leave their guest check (it's how we track our inventory and the number of visitors) no one else knows who is leaving donations and who is not; one final piece to our goal building an environment of dignity.

Community Advantages:

The most common element at any gathering is meetings, house parties, weddings, "The Big Game"...have you been to an event in the last month that didn't serve food?

When people from a mix of backgrounds are brought together for a united purpose, a foundation is laid for building friendships, professional networks, and social awareness.

As a Community Kitchen grows and develops, so does the community. Volunteer involvement, economic advancement,& educational opportunities are among the benefits to the members of an area that support a Community Kitchen.

Community Partner

The Church of Our Saviour, Episcopal, Middleborough, MA is graciously sponsoring All Are Welcome while we "grow into ourselves". Many community cafes and kitchens across the nation began with a joint mission in churches and many continue to offer their community meals in church settings. We are very grateful to the folks at Church of Our Saviour for recognizing the need for this mission and being our partner in the community while the unique concept of donate-as-able grows in our part of the country. As we continue to grow as a recognized restaurant with a presence in Middleboro and the surrounding towns, our relationship with the Church of Our Saviour is a unique and vital part of our hunger relief and community growth efforts.